Student says district failed to protect him, others against known bullies

A high school senior from Center Moriches says his school district failed to protect him and others from who he calls known bullies.

News 12 Staff

Jun 11, 2019, 7:41 PM

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A Center Moriches High School senior says his school district failed to protect him and others from people he calls known bullies.
Debra Treto is still reeling from what she says happened to her son at the hands of two fellow students at a house party last month. She says the students who brutally beat her son Ethan are known bullies who were involved in a verbal dispute with her son in a school bathroom a few days earlier. The fight was filmed and posted on social media.
Senior Derek Pedone, a football and lacrosse player, and junior Anthony Raccuglia are named in a lawsuit the family is now filing against the school district. News 12 has confirmed that both teens are facing misdemeanor assault charges related to the house party incident.
Treto's attorney says the district violated its own code of conduct, even though the alleged assault happened off school property.
Debra Treto says she told the district what happened at the house and nothing was done.
The district's code of conduct addresses "off-campus misconduct that endangers the health and safety of students." It's in the same category as making a bomb threat.
Attorney Kenneth Mollins claims Pedone was and still is protected by the district because he's an athlete.
The district superintendent wouldn't comment, citing privacy laws. Pedone's mother said, "That's not what happened at all," when asked about the alleged assault. She refused to elaborate.
Ethan Treto says his bullies have an attitude that gives the impression that they think "they're untouchable."
Pedone and Raccuglia are scheduled for arraignment on July 27.

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