Student develops puppetry dreams at Adelphi

One Long Islander not only still plays with puppets – he’s made an entire college experience with them.
Franklin Square’s Sebastiano Ricci is a longtime Muppet and puppetry fan who has created his own path at Adelphi. Sebastiano's goal is to one day follow in the footsteps of puppeteer legend, Jim Henson. Sebastiano petitioned the Adelphi University board to make his puppetry dreams come to life. 
Sebastiano will essentially have three majors: communications, art and theatre. He'll incorporate puppetry in all of them.
In art, Sebastiano builds his puppets and helps with the sets. In theatre, he acts and “inhibits another being.” In communications, he’ll develop his media strategy.
If all goes according to plan, Sebastiano will earn a bachelor’s degree in 2020 in his self-designed major of television puppetry.