Streaming this weekend: The Great, The Wrong Missy, Scoob!, and more

If you are looking to watch something new, this is what is streaming this weekend.

News 12 Staff

May 14, 2020, 11:32 AM

Updated 1,532 days ago


If you are looking to watch something new, this is what is streaming this weekend:
"The Great" takes a fictionalized look at the life and rise of Russia's Catherine the Great, played by Elle Fanning. It's a modern spin on history with a whole lot of humor debuting on Hulu Friday.
It's a political thriller centering around a 60s screen icon. In "Seberg," Kristen Stewart plays actress and civil rights movement activist Jean Seberg. It premieres on AmazoThe Greatn Prime Friday.
Or if you are looking for a light hearted comedy, this will have you laughing. "The Wrong Missy" stars David Spade. He meets the woman of his dreams and invites her on his work retreat. But, he mistakenly sends the invite to, you guessed it, the wrong Missy. It's on Netflix now.
This is fun for the whole family and dog lovers! Bill Farmer, the voice behind Goofy and Pluto, steps out from behind the mic and travels to meet dogs doing important and incredible jobs. "It's a Dog's Life" premieres on Disney+ Friday.
See another incredible dog in his brand new movie. "Scoob!" takes you back to the very beginning, when Scooby met his best friend Shaggy, voiced by Will Forte. This first full length animated Scooby Doo adventure is going straight to on demand platforms Friday.

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