Storm aftermath: Drainage issue led to street flooding in Lindenhurst

Street flooding on East Shore Road in Lindenhurst appeared to be the result of faulty drains – an issue that residents say has been a problem that keeps getting worse.
"The problem is the drains. It's coming up through the drains," said resident Jill Engelhardt. She said she and her neighbors are frustrated and fed up.
"I was supposed to go out this morning. I'm not going out because I know that the water is coming up," said resident Alice Capalbo. "I won't be able to get back."
"I don't get mail, I don't get garbage pick-up. I don't get any of that stuff, and I'm still paying outrageous taxes," Engelhardt added.
"In 62 years – what I'm seeing here now is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Our government, our local politicians have got to do something," Capalbo said.
Engelhardt said her calls to the Town of Babylon have gone unanswered.
News 12 spoke directly to Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer who explained that several years ago, a study of the area and flooding was done, but it may need to be re-evaluated.
On Tuesday, the Department of Public Works will speak with the engineering company behind the study, and they'll plan an on-site visit to East Shore Road to meet with neighbors and come up with a solution.