Stony Brook University debuts new ventilator system

As the need for critical medical resources continues during the pandemic, driven by the need for ventilators, Stony Brook University has tapped a team of professionals to come up with a solution to this demand. 
Doctors developed an aggressive timeline and executed with a team working to complete the design, prototype and testing in 10 days to develop a functional, reliable ventilator that could be used satisfactorily should the existing reserve of ventilators be exhausted.
The final result is the CoreVent 2020, a computer-controlled, pressure-cycled, time-limited ventilator that includes an assisted-breathing mode and the ability to apply positive, end-expiratory pressure, and uses no proprietary components.
The CoreVent 2020 ventilator was designed for simplicity and ease of fabrication in a crisis situation.
CoreVent 2020 uses readily available parts from multiple vendors and standard ventilator connections.
“During this extraordinary time in medicine, it is vital that all corners of a research-oriented university be engaged to solve the myriad of problems facing healthcare professionals caring for our patients,” says Dr. Kenneth Kaushansky, MD, MACP, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean of RSOM. “The development of the CoreVent 2020 in so short a time illustrates that ‘what we do here, what we do now, will define us.’ And the merging of the talents of the faculty and staff of the three Schools defines Stony Brook very well indeed.”
Discussions are underway with Long Island-based company Biodex Medical Systems to manufacture the initial CoreVent 2020 units as the COVID-19 crisis dictates.