Stony Brook health care volunteers head to Puerto Rico

A team of doctors, nurses and specialists from Long Island are heading to Puerto Rico to help those still suffering five weeks after Hurricane Maria.
The group from Stony Brook Medical Center boarded a bus to John F. Kennedy Airport at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday en route to Puerto Rico to assist with the medical needs of the people there.
The volunteers are unsure of the conditions they are about to see and do not even know where they will be staying or sleeping.
Organizers tell News 12 that the 23 doctors and nurses from the Stony Brook staff are a part of 75-member team from New York to provide health care, support and even generators to people in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria tore it apart.
Some of the volunteers say five years ago, Superstorm Sandy taught them what to expect.
"We're bringing memories and experiences from Sandy with us. So I've been telling everyone when they get down there, don't worry, we’re bringing the A-team. The hospital has been phenomenal with providing us with what we need and like I said we’re going down with the A-team," says volunteer John Dyer.
The staff will be in Puerto Rico for two weeks and will work 12-hour days.
The group is also bringing bags of medical supplies and equipment with them.