State Senate investigates soaring utility bills, electric company practices

A state Senate investigation into soaring utility bills and electric company practices is underway after months of rising energy costs.
Sen. James Skoufis announced Friday a Senate Investigations Committee probe into Central Hudson and utility companies statewide.
"If there was any foul play here, we owe it to our constituents to hold bad actors accountable," said Skoufis. "These bills are insane and unsustainable."
Skoufis held a news conference outside of Vivian Milazarski's home in New Windsor.
The homeowner says she's drowning in Central Hudson Bills she can't afford.
"There was no explanation for why this would go up that much," she says.
Vivian's home is a modest 1,400 square feet. She says her utility bill is normally about $150 a month but showed News 12 bills about 10 times as much.
Central Hudson reps spoke at a virtual public forum Thursday night to address concerns along with customer service complaints.
"This is not Central Hudson. This is not who we want to be, and we are working hard to have this corrected," says John Maserjian, of Central Hudson.
Maserjian says Central Hudson pays the same price as customers for supply costs and denies the company is profiting from the geopolitical climate affecting costs globally.
Skoufis says Central Hudson is netting millions in profits and that the current situation affecting customers is a top priority.
Those who have concerns about utility bills can file a complaint with the Department of Public Service online or by phone at 800-342-3377.