State school budget votes come to a close amid uncertainty

Tuesday meant the deadline for New York school budget votes, the last chance to have a say in the largest portion of your property tax bill.
Tuesday's deadline marked the end of an abnormal process, starting with no in-person voting and only mail-in ballots.
It has been a tough process for school districts to come up with a budget in the first place, as they don't even know what the new school year is going to look like, or if they're going to get all the school aid the state approved in April.
"We have resilient kids, we have resilient and resourceful professionals, teachers, support staffs, administrators, boards of education. It will take a while but I'm confident that we will come up with the solution to the challenge," says Dr. Robert Dillon, district superintendent of Nassau BOCES.
This year, schools had to send ballots to every eligible voter in the district. For that reason, some expected a huge number of ballots and many hours of counting votes on the budget and various school board candidates.
"Probably the largest in the history of the vote," says Dillon. "The fact that the districts had to supply all eligible voters with an absentee ballot, that stirred the interest of people who may not have been interested before."