State lawmakers considering guaranteed paid sick leave for quarantined workers

A measure state lawmakers have considered would guarantee workers get paid if they have to miss work because of the coronavirus.
The proposal would guarantee up to 14 days of paid sick leave if they have to be quarantined.
How it would be paid for remains one of the biggest details yet to be ironed out. Lawmakers are hopeful Washington will pay for the bulk of the program, but say if needed, the cash-strapped state will chip in as well.
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But considering the health crisis, supporters say it's important just to get something done, and worry about the cost later.
"We are in uncharted territory here. But we need to make sure that those people who are sick stay home from work and are still getting paid so they can pay their mortgages and the bills they have. That's important," says state Sen. Phil Boyle.
State legislators were expected to vote as early as Monday, but the session was unexpectedly canceled. They're scheduled to take up the issue Wednesday.