State Assembly committee holds meeting on medical marijuana

State Assembly committee holds meeting on medical marijuana

A state Assembly committee held hearings today in Mineola regarding a proposal to legalize marijuana in New York.

Assembly Democrats have been attempting to drum up support for the Compassionate Care Act, a bill that would legalize the medicinal use of marijuana.

Advocates hope New York will join the 22 other states that have already legalized the drug for specific medical conditions.

Missy Miller, of Atlantic Beach, says marijuana would help combat her son's epilepsy and seizures. She says Oliver has undergone many treatments and is constantly in and out of doctor's offices.

"When you have no other option and there is something out there that is clearly helping other children and giving families their kids back, how could you say, 'no, this isn't worth trying'," said Miller.

Supporters say they are in favor of a tightly regulated and controlled medical marijuana system. The Health Department would be in charge of licensing and regulating organizations that would produce and dispense the medical marijuana for certified patients.

Critics argue that more research and clinical trials need to be done before politicians vote yes.

More than 50 people on both sides of the issue spoke at Wednesday's hearing. There are currently different versions of the proposal in both the Assembly and the Senate.

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