Star's mastectomy resonates with cancer survivors

Christina Applegate's choice to have an elective double mastectomy is resonating strongly among Long Island cancer survivors and others around the country.
Applegate, 36, was recently diagnosed with cancer in one breast. Despite the cancer being located in only one breast, the 'Samantha Who' star made what she calls a logical decision to remove both.
The actress says she opted to get both removed since she tested positive for the breast cancer gene, as well as having a history of the disease in her family. Applegate's mother also battled breast cancer.
Doctors and advocates say the choice is a common one many patients must make.
"When a person is tested for the genetic test and it is positive they are at a continued risk of developing breast cancer ? not only are we worried about the affected breast, but the other one is at risk also," says Dr. Christine Hodyl, of South Nassau Communities Hospital. "Many people do decide to have bilateral mastectomies done."
Lynbrook resident Joan McTague made the same decision after finding cancer in one breast. She says the decision to undergo a double mastectomy has to be a personal one.
"You need to talk to your doctor and find out what your chances are," says McTague. "Find out the statistics for you and talk to your family. Make your own decision but make sure you're comfortable."
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