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SPCA: Suffering dog euthanized; Central Islip woman charged with animal cruelty

A Central Islip woman is accused of neglecting her dog to the point at which it had to be put down.

News 12 Staff

Oct 5, 2019, 2:16 AM

Updated 1,723 days ago


A Central Islip woman is accused of neglecting her dog to the point at which it had to be put down.

Suffolk SPCA charged the sick golden retriever’s owner, Gabriella James, with animal cruelty.
Suffolk SPCA officials say James’ 6-year-old dog Butters was brought to an undisclosed animal hospital in the Islip area suffering from dehydration, anemia, Lyme disease and a life-threatening bacterial infection.

Chief Roy Gross says the veterinarians at the hospital alerted his office after seeing clear signs of severe neglect in the dog.

He says it was James's family members who brought the dying dog to the animal hospital.
“This didn't happen overnight,” says Chief Gross. “This is long-term neglect. One of the people that works at the vet hospital said they believe this dog was left out in the elements. I mean, it suffered so severely. It was long-term neglect."

Chief Gross says doctors spent more than 30 hours trying to save Butters, but his ailments were too far gone.

Officials say Butters wasn't getting the proper food or medical care and had to be put down. Butters was humanely euthanized.

News 12 has tried to contact James for comment, but no one answered the door at her home.

James is scheduled to appear in First District Court in December. She faces a year in jail or a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Suffolk SPCA officials say that they hope this case sends a clear message to all pet owners.

“If you cannot care for a dog, if you have any reason that you don't want a dog anymore, or any animal for that matter, contact your local shelter to try to turn it in if you don't want it,” says Chief Gross.

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