South Huntington schools staff member in contact with 'virtually every child' tests positive for COVID-19

Students and staff at Countrywood Primary in the South Huntington school district will not be heading back into the building until at least Sept. 24. after a staff member there tested positive COVID-19.
The move comes after a staff member tested positive for coronavirus. 
Health experts say typically those who were in close contact with the infected individual would quarantine for 14 days. The staff member is having mild to moderate symptoms. 
In an email to the community, superintendent Dave Bennardo says, "...we find that the infected staff member had a unique position that requires contact with virtually every child in the school."
Other districts are reporting positive cases as well, those include Riverhead, Port Washington, Sachem and Syosset.
Dr. Sharon Nachman, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Stony Brook Children's Hospital, says the way districts handle positive cases can and do vary.
"The guidelines have not been super specific for each scenario that you might imagine. The problem is no matter how many scenarios you can imagine, there's going to be another scenario that someone didn't imagine that happened. So the schools have some leeway to decide when to close and when not to close. There are some no-brainers," says Nachman.