Some students in Sachem School District report problems with buses

The district is blaming the bus company WE Transport.

News 12 Staff

Sep 7, 2023, 10:25 AM

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Sachem students getting back into the swing of the school year faced a second day of bus issues Thursday, with some parents reporting students left stranded or not picked up.
Michael Campbell says the bus for his nonverbal kindergartner never showed up yesterday. Campbell says the driver showed up today but was unprepared, so Campbell tried to follow the bus to school and ended up waiting in the parking lot for its late arrival.
"Get it together. These are our children. You had all summer to get it together and first day of school and you're a complete mess," says Campbell. "This is ridiculous. He's an autistic, 5-years-old, no aid on the bus and he's missing for an hour and a half. This is crazy. Of all things to work out, it should be the bussing for our children!"
Sara Lynch is another parent who said the bus failed to show up for her daughter two days in a row.
"This isn't good for kids with IEPs because a lot of them need nurses on board. It's not funny, this isn't good," says Lynch.
One parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he watched as his 10-year-old son arrived home Wednesday to an empty house on security cameras. The bus driver had taken him to the wrong destination.
"He had no way to get inside, no way to contact anyone and the bus driver pretty much just said, 'Too bad kid,' and left him there," he said. "If someone is not able to properly communicate their needs and take care of themselves, it could've been a much worse situation."
Some parents now anticipate handling transportation themselves for the foreseeable future.
"I'm calling the school to pick him up because I just don't trust the bus right now," says Cambell.
The district says the company WE Transport is responsible for getting vulnerable students to and from school.
Superintendent Dr. Christopher J. Pellettieri said in a statement to News 12, “This is a very serious concern and the district remains committed to rectifying this matter as quickly as possible. We are continuing to work very closely with WE Transport route by route to ensure our students arrive to and from school in a safe and timely manner.” 

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