Some pregnant women prepare to possibly give birth alone

Expecting moms across Long Island are making plans to deliver alone due to the coronavirus.
Hospital maternity wards are putting restrictions on who can attend a birth, including spouses and partners.
Kimberly Wind, pregnant with twins, is scheduled for a C-section in late July. She says the idea of giving birth without her husband by her side is extremely upsetting.
At Saint Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, where Kimberly is scheduled to give birth, the policy right now is no visitors allowed.
In a statement to News 12, Saint Charles Hospital said although they do have a strict no visitation policy in effect, "For occasions such as birth or passing of a loved one, we felt it was important to allow our teams the flexibility to assess and use their judgment."
Right now there are no statewide regulations in effect regarding whether a partner can be in the delivery room during a birth. Each hospital has its own policy.