Smithtown Town Board votes to approve demolition of Hauppauge condos damaged in fire

Residents had asked for town involvement when the burned out units sat there and became a haven for rodents.

Jon Dowding

Jan 2, 2024, 10:37 AM

Updated 191 days ago


The Smithtown Town Board approved the demolition of two Hauppauge condominiums that were damaged in a fire.
Renee DeFilippis was one of the first to call 911 when the fire broke out. For her, getting to this point has been a months-long battle.
"We really want it taken care of as soon as possible and we're very thankful that the board heard us,” she said. "I am so ecstatic for the community. So happy!"
Residents spoke at a council meeting on Dec. 28 to tell the council why the damaged units should come down.
"The rodents are a big health concern. And as you know, when there's one, there's more,” said DeFilippis. “The quicker we get it done, the happier I will be."
Smithtown Town Supervisor Ed Wehrheim says the council passed three resolutions to begin the demolition process.
"One to put out the bid for a company to come in, take the structures down,” he said. “The other two resolutions were to authorize the town to enter their property and do so."
Supervisor Wehrheim says the owners of the property will pay for the demolition costs. DeFilippis says she just looks forward to seeing the units finally come down.
"We really want to try to rebuild and make it the place it once was, a beautiful community,” she said.
The council is expected to vote on which company will handle the demolition during their first February meeting.
The demolition should begin by mid-February.

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