Sick of being bombarded with sad, hateful and scary posts online? Turn to Tara has some tips.

Sick of being bombarded with sad, hateful and scary posts online? We Turn to Tara for tips on how to dial down the toxic content.

News 12 Staff

May 5, 2022, 10:42 AM

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If you've been feeling overwhelmed or depressed by all the violent and disturbing images splashed over social media lately, guess what? You are far from alone. But did you know there's actually a way you can filter out all that toxic content from your feed and get some peace of mind?
Turn to Tara has the details.
Following the subway shooting in Brooklyn, and the discovery that Frank James had posted videos about violence, New York City Mayor Eric Adams called on platforms like Facebook to adopt a more get-tough approach.
"I think social media must step up. There is a corporate responsibly when we are watching hate brew online," Adams says.
But fixing the problem isn't as easy as sounds, according to Brooklyn-based senior technology reporter Thomas Germain.
But the good news is, Germain says, you have more control than you probably realize to decide what winds up in your feed.
If you come across a post you don't like - there's usually a little arrow or three dots on the top right corner. Click to open a menu that often says things like "I don't like this" or "I don't want to see this."
If you enjoy what you see, be sure to use the "like button" often. All of these things will influence what the site's algorithm is showing you in the future.
Another powerful tool to control what is shown to you on social media is to sort your feed in the order people post things.
You also have the option of "snoozing" a user, if you don't want to be socially awkward and unfriend someone.
And here's a hack to cut back on all those ads:
"Facebook for example, has some setting that you can go in and say 'I don't want to see ads' on particular topic like alcohol or parenting or things like that," says Germain.
It takes a little bit of time, Germain says, but it can definitely be worth it - especially as we head into what will likely be a heated election season.
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