Shirley company actively looking to fill dozens of positions despite high unemployment numbers

Despite grim unemployment numbers released Friday, some companies are still are still actively hiring employees, including one Shirley business.
Drug manufacturer American Regent is currently looking to fill 45 positions at its Shirley and Melville sites.
American Regent President Ken Keller says the company is hiring, in part, because demand is up for its injectable medicines.
"We actually make over 50 different injectable medicines. These drugs are all used for critically ill patients in the hospital," says American Regent President and CEO Ken Keller. "For example, with the COVID-19 pandemic right now a number of our drugs are in very, very high demand. So as you can imagine, a patient is on a ventilator, they can't eat, they can't drink so they need intravenous nutrition. We actually develop and manufacture those nutrients."
Keller says the openings range from entry level to advanced roles in a variety of areas. Keller says the positions range from administrative to IT professionals, marketing professionals and quality professionals.
Qualifications range from high school diplomas to Ph.D.s, depending on the position.