Severe storms knock out power, spark house fire in Franklin Square

Severe storms rolled through the area Wednesday night, leaving behind a trail of damage and knocking out power to some homes across the area.
Officials say a house fire in Franklin Square is being blamed on lightning. Flames could be seen shooting from the roof of the home on Park Lane North. 
Neighbors described the sound when the lightning hit the home like an explosion, but the homeowner didn't hear anything.
"Fortunately the gentleman who lives across the street saw it, came and ran into the house and got her out," says Larry Cypress, of Franklin Square. "He's the real hero."
Meanwhile, more than 1,000 Long Island electric customers were left without power this morning.
A lightning strike was captured outside News 12's Bethpage facility last night.
Powerful thunder shook communities across Nassau and Suffolk.
There was also heavy rain and flooding in some areas, and there are reports of downed trees.