Selden community honors Gabby Petito's memory

Selden, the hometown of Gabby Petito's father, paid tribute to the young woman who was known for her free spirit.
About 100 people attended a vigil at Independence Plaza on Middle Country Road. A ring of candles now surround a picture of the adventurous 22-year-old in a makeshift memorial. A sign reading 'Justice for Gabby' hangs right in the middle.
Sue Cain has known Gabby's father Joe since elementary school. She and other close friends helped to cover the outdoor area for the vigil with teal decorations in memory of Gabby. Petito's mom chose the color because she said it's like the color of her eyes.
"She just lights up the room with that smile and those eyes," says Cain. "It's helping the family get through all of this. The whole community has just come out so much to help- it's crazy- it's just overwhelming."
Cain says she hopes that something good can come out of this tragedy.
"I think that's what the family is hoping too, is something good comes out of this," says Cain.