Seaford woman survives COVID-19 after going to ICU, despite having no pre-existing conditions

A Seaford woman woman says she fought for her life after contracting COVID-19, despite having no pre-existing conditions.
Christine Tudor's case started to spiral on March 6, when she came down with a 99 degree temperature and a cough. Within five days, her temperature spiked to 103. She then went to the ER at NYU Winthrop Hospital.
"I had double pneumonia. They tested me for COVID-19, and it came back positive," she says.
Tudor, a part-time teacher at Nassau Community College, says she doesn't know how or where she contracted the virus. She ended up spending two weeks in the hospital, including a few days in the ICU.
"They were considering putting me on a ventilator, and thankfully my body responded to the medication. They were really open and honest with me about the situation and how dangerous it was for me," says Tudor.
The global pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 16,000 people. From Tudor's near-death experience, she just wants people to just stay home.
"It is an extremely serious virus," says Tudor. "I'm 46. I have no health conditions, no pre-existing conditions. The nurses told me that I scared them because, to see someone healthy and on the younger side fight for their life from this virus, it's very serious."
Tudor was released from the hospital Tuesday. She says she has a new gratitude for life and the medical professionals who helped her.
"It's an extremely scary situation to be in, and I just really value life and people and family so much more," she says.