Scientists: Parasite killing off scallops in the Peconic Bay

The New York state Department of Environmental Conservation and marine scientists have discovered that a parasite is the reason why scallops in Peconic Bay have died.
Stony Brook University scientists along with the Environmental Conservation Department have identified a parasite that infects the kidneys of the scallops. They say this led to a massive die-off in the bay.
Scientists say there is still a lot more to learn about the parasite.
"So what we really need now is some really careful research understanding the dynamics of that parasite," says Dr. Chris Gobler.
Charlie Manwaring, who owns Southold Fish Market, says the die-off of the scallops has a big impact on both the North and South forks.
"We are definitely known for our scallops out here," says Manwaring. "Unfortunately, we did have a kill-off this year."
Baymen say the scallop season is what helps them survive the winter. They say what's happening is a big loss.