Sands Point Preserve: Roll up to a castle like royalty in this Gold Coast getaway

Cross a century old bridge, and roll up to a castle like royalty at Sands Point Preserve. It's a great Gold Coast getaway on this Road Trip: Close to Home.
You’ll be greeted by the massive medieval looking mansion, Castle Gould. They are not giving tours right now, but just seeing it on the former Guggenheim estate is magnificent.
Walk along a picturesque pond, and don't forget to wear your mask, or stay six feet apart. You are welcome to bring your fur baby along, as long as he’s on a leash, and enjoy this day away together.
They are allowing visitors to walk along the beach. Enjoy the views of Hempstead Harbor and the Long Island Sound, you can even see Connecticut and New Rochelle in the distance.

There are six marked hiking trails that will take you through over 200 acres.

And if you have little ones, don’t miss their Dino Trail. You’ll find dinosaurs and dino tracks along the way. Kids will also love their Woodland Playground.

And if you want to see another gorgeous historic home, walk over to Hempstead House. Tucked away behind it, you'll find a hidden gem, the rose garden.

Enjoy the beautiful blooms and breeze coming off the Sound, as there are benches so you can sit back relax and stay awhile.

You can even pack your picnic and score a shady spot for lunch on the Great Lawn. The preserve is open Wednesday through Sunday.