Roosevelt teachers picket in response to district’s reopening plan

For the second time this week, members of the Roosevelt Teachers Association stood along Nassau Road, rallying to bring attention to their efforts for a safe return to the classroom.
Teachers claim the district's current reopening plan for in-person learning falls short of meeting health and safety requirements from federal, state and local authorities.
"We're trying to make sure the school brings the teachers back and the kids back in the safest way,” says RTA President Salvatore Finelli.
In addition to the rallies, teachers also started a petition. Among their requests – the district should delay in-person reopening until it can provide evidence that the protections and procedures outlined in the plan have been met.
Teachers are also asking the district to allow them and parents inside all of the school buildings ahead of the reopening so that they can actually see the health and safety measures that have been put in place.
People in the community we spoke with say the teachers’ concerns are not going unnoticed.
In a letter posted on its website two days ago, the district says it is delaying in-person learning until Oct. 19. However, teachers say no matter the reopening date, they want to inspect the health and safety measures put in place before going into any classroom to teach.