Roosevelt star athlete loses father to COVID-19, keeps his memory alive

A rising athlete from Roosevelt is dealing with a devastating loss off the field - his father and mentor died from coronavirus weeks ago.
Idris Carter was one of the better quarterbacks in Nassau County - he's also one of the best baseball players on Long Island.
Like many others, the Roosevelt senior lost out on his senior season due to the coronavirus. However, the virus also took something from Idris --- his dad.
"My dad, he gave me the blueprint. I'm not going sugarcoat it, he gave me the blueprint. When Tony Carter spoke, his son Idris listened," says Carter.
Tony was right next to his son when he was accepted a baseball scholarship to Stony Brook.
Unfortunately, Tony will never get the chance to see his son play for the Seawolves, he died in mid-April due to COVID-19.
Tony was a health care worker for Winthrop Hospital, Carter says he and his family are doing their best to stay strong.
"My mom she does a really great job. She's my rock, my parents were everything. Sometimes it couldn't be really tough, but we all support each other," says Carter.
Carter says one of the toughest things for him will be filling his Sunday void now that his study partner is gone.
"We always break down film, that was the day to break it down, he always broke down mine; it will be weird, it will be different, he will be there, but just in a different form and stuff like that," says Carter. But Tony's words of wisdom will last a lifetime.