Robbinsville police use funny road signs to help keep the public safe

Some humorous digital signs in a Mercer County town are going viral in an effort to keep the town safe.
One of the signs is located at the corner of routes 33 and 526 in Robbinsville. The sign states “Visiting in-laws? Go slow. Get there late.”
The sign has been drawing a lot of attention and laughs among New Jersey residents. Robbinsville police thought up the idea to get people to pay attention to the signs and think about driving safer.
“These signs have recently gotten a lot of attention. We’re not that creative, I’ll be completely upfront and honest with you,” says Robbinsville Police Chief Christopher Nitti.
Nitti says that he lifted the idea off other examples he saw on the internet. But he says that he is happy to see photos and rave reviews of the signs circulating on social media.
The “visiting in-laws” sign is the third one the department has put out. Another one read, “Santa sees you when you’re speeding.” Another read, “Don’t drive high. Only ziti should be baked.”
Town resident Joe Rizzo was out for a walk when he saw the “visiting in-laws” sign. He thought it was a great idea.
“My in-law lives with me, so I don’t have to slow down. She’s home, but I agree with that,” Rizzo joked.
And for anyone wondering how Chief Nitti feels about his in-laws?
“Listen, we all love our in-laws to death, but if we have to be late, that wouldn't be the worst place to be late to get to,” Nitti joked.
Robbinsville police say that they will continue to post humorous safety messages for the foreseeable future or as long as they can keep thinking them up.