Retrace the revolutionary path of the 16-year-old heroine known as the “female Paul Revere”

This week’s Road Trip: Close to Home is retracing the revolutionary path of a 16-year-old Hudson Valley heroine who is known as the “female Paul Revere.”
A statue of Sybil Ludington stands tall along Gleneida Lake in Carmel in honor of her heroics during the American Revolution.  This area of Putnam County is part of Sybil's 40-mile solo journey to help her father, Col. Ludington, gather volunteer militia to fight British troops.
"Sybil is inspiration…She is an empowering story, she is the ultimate American girl and the most fabulous girl power icon," says Vincent Dacquino, author of Patriot Hero of the Hudson Valley: The Life and Ride of Sybil Ludington. "She went 40 miles; Paul Revere went 12. Paul Revere had two helpers; she had none. He got caught and she didn't."
Sybil's heroic path was kept under wraps for years for her safety. "Col. Ludington was a wanted man. His 16-year-old daughter goes out, rounds up his troops to go kill British troops, does he want anybody to know that? They would've killed her!" exclaims Dacquino.
It wasn't until after her death at 77 years old that her story finally came to light through journals and other firsthand accounts.
This statue is meant to commemorate Sybil and a closer look will reveal some hidden meanings. "She's wearing a skirt and she's riding side saddle...It adds to Sybil, we have to remember what she went through with her life, this woman was incredible," says Dacquino.
While in the area, stop into a proper tearoom that'll treat you to a taste of England! Florrie Kay's tearoom serves a selection of 95 local teas from Millerton! From fruits and sweets to classic British scones and tea sandwiches, there's something for everyone.
A favorite is "Indigo Punch" tea paired with special British scones thanks to the owner's mother's recipe from South Africa!