Residents to vote in newly created district in Town of Islip

New districts are being rolled out for the very first time in the Town of Islip this Election Day.
Attorney Fred Brewington and four residents from Brentwood sued Islip in federal court, arguing the town's at large council system discriminated against minorities.
Following a settlement, the town created four council districts, including District 1 that includes Latino neighborhoods in Brentwood.
"The issue isn't whether a Latino gets elected, the issue is whether the Latino community can elect a candidate of their choice," Brewington says. "Whether that person is Black, white, Hispanic or polka dot."
Both candidates in the race are Latino.
Democrat Jorge Guadron is a businessman and father of five who ran at large in 2019 but did not win.
"We have been ignored and neglected for so long," Guadron says. "Hopefully now, that will change and I'm assuming either one of us can do that."
Republican Manny Troche is a volunteer firefighter who decided to run after the new district was created.
"By creating that district, it actually opened the door...," Troche says. "It opened the door for several people and I happen to be the one that was chosen."
He says the district created an opportunity for a new voice to be heard.
The minority community in Council District 1 says for the first time it will elect someone who looks like them.