Residents: Call for speed bumps goes unanswered

Wakefield residents living in the area of Bussing and Grace avenues are calling on the city to install speed bumps in order to prevent drivers from putting the pedal to the metal.
According to parents at P.S. 87, speeding drivers looking to reach Baychester Avenue quicker by cutting through Bussing Avenue are placing local children in danger.
"They're never here when everyone's speeding," says Mark Clarke. "It's dangerous for the kids."
Neighbors say a car speeding on Bussing Avenue crashed into another vehicle on the corner of Ely Avenue just a few weeks ago, sending at least four people to the hospital.
When the community submitted a formal request for speed bumps, the Department of Transportation looked into the issue but decided that the presence of driveways and curb cuts in the area made speed bumps impossible. Instead, DOT officials say they are exploring the possibility of installing stop signs.
"They want to develop the South Bronx, nothing wrong with that, but you can't neglect certain areas," says Ray Williams.