Report: Bronx expanded workforce in past 10 years

A new report claims the Bronx is booming with more jobs.
Officials say 30 years ago, the Bronx was known as a place that was burning, but now they say the borough is building. A new study released by the Center for an Urban Future think tank says that over the past 10 years, the Bronx has expanded its workforce in almost every neighborhood.
According to officials, the job growth can be attributed to the many corporations that seem to be moving back to the borough.
The study found the neighborhoods with the most job creation since 2007 were Morris Park and Westchester Square. Officials say more than 3,100 jobs have been created in those sections.
Meanwhile, the study found Fordham-Bronx Park, Baychester, Woodlawn, Mott Haven and Pelham Park-City Island to be the neighborhoods with the least job growth.
Centerfor an Urban Future