Rep. Lee Zeldin joins President Trump’s impeachment legal team

Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican representing Suffolk’s 1st District, has joined President Donald Trump’s defense team.
Rep. Zeldin is not expected to speak on the Senate floor. CNN sources report that his role and the roles of other House Republicans are largely ceremonial.
They will serve as outside advisers and surrogates for President Trump. They have also been helping his lawyers prepare for the impeachment trial.
Trump's legal team doesn't dispute Trump's actions - that he called the Ukraine president and asked for a “favor” during a July 25 phone call. In fact, the lawyers included the rough transcript of Trump's conversation as part of its 110-page trial brief submitted ahead of the proceedings.
Instead the lawyers for the president, led by White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and a TV-famous legal team including Alan Dershowitz, say the two charges against the president don't amount to impeachable offenses and Trump committed no crime.
AP Wire Services were used in this report.
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