Regional Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center comes to Hampton Bays

A new medical facility in Suffolk County is helping residents with tick bites and tick-related illnesses.
The Regional Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center is located in Hampton Bays.
The facility was created through a collaboration between Stony Brook University Hospital and Southampton Hospital to treat illnesses and send in ticks for testing.
Dr. Sharon Nachman, of Stony Brook University Hospital, says it's a perfect location for the center because of how prevalent ticks are in Suffolk County.
"My husband had a disease from ticks and suffered terribly and my son, a long, long time ago had Lyme disease," says Carol Ketcham, of East Moriches.
The resource center also has preventative measures to avoid getting bit by a tick. They advise using a repellent with DEET before going out and using a lint roller on clothes for any ticks that haven't gotten stuck yet.
The ticks are worse this year due to a mild winter, according to medical professionals.
"If you have had a tick that stayed there for 36-plus hours and 2 to 4 weeks later you are feeling ill, this would be an appropriate place to go," Nachman says.
For more information on how to make an appointment at the Regional Tick-Borne Disease Resource Center, click here.