Red-light camera snaps spate of unwitting drivers making right on red

Some drivers are not happy with a new red-light camera in East Norwich that has caught many by surprise.
The camera is positioned on Northern Boulevard at Route 106. Some residents say they've been hit with a spate of tickets because they didn't realize they had to come to a complete stop before turning right on red.
"I got 10 tickets," says Peter Kandell, of Muttontown. "It's an intersection I use every day."
He says he deserves one ticket -- but not the others. He didn't realize he was breaking the law, he says, until days after receiving his first ticket. In the meantime, he racked up $1,500 in tickets over 10 days.
"I think they should only give you the one ticket and not keep piling on until you're aware," he says.
Legislator Joshua Lafazan has received dozens of similar complaints from residents. He's calling for a forgiveness program.
"You should not be given more than one ticket until you were notified," says Lafazan.
One driver who was also hit with multiple tickets is trying to help others avoid getting caught on camera. Eileen Flores, from Valley Stream, put a sign up alerting motorists to stop before the white line. She says she wants to spare others the costly lesson.
"I wouldn't want it for anyone else,” she says.
The Nassau County Executive's Office says the red-light camera is controlled by New York state, not Nassau County. News 12 is awaiting a response from the state.