Recovered COVID-19 patient donates time to help doctors find a vaccine

A Center Moriches man is sharing his story of surviving COVID-19, and what he's now doing to help others get through it.
Three weeks ago, Chris Yackel was in the midst of coronavirus symptoms, suffering from aches, night sweats and more. Now -- he says he's 100%.
Yackel says weeks of home isolation and fear of infecting others was not easy. Help from neighbors with meals and supplies were vital.
"Lots of people reached out to us -- our neighbors, friends, our family and it was amazing," says Yackel.
Now, Yackel wants to give back. The antibodies in his blood could hold the key to fighting the virus, so Thursday he spent the afternoon at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan. The medical facility is helping hospital researchers to unravel the mysteries of COVID-19, and potentially find a vaccine.
"I'm recovered. How could I not want to help?" he says. "What do you need me to do? You know, it's like going to your coach, 'put me in coach I'll do it.'"
As for advice for people who are going through a positive diagnosis, Yackel says, "Stay home, Tylenol, whatever your doctor recommends, don't infect anybody, just take the biggest precautions you can. I mean we are being asked to stay inside and just do your part, and that's it."
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