'Rainbow Hunt' encourages colorful, positive expressions for families stuck indoors

With schools closed, kids are stuck cooped up inside, but now there's a way for them to get out and have fun along with their parents.
If you walk around your neighborhood and see plenty of rainbows in windows, that's a good sign - it means families are participating in "Rainbow Hunt."
It all started on a Facebook group called Rainbows over Nassau and Suffolk counties. Families are encouraged to paint, draw or cut out a rainbow and stick it to their window or door of their home. Then, parents and kids can go outside and look for rainbows in other neighborhoods.
"We're all staying home, we are home-schooling our children while we're trying to work. I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation," says Stephanie Gannon. "Kids aren't used to it, especially my kids, being in the home so much. I saw on Facebook the rainbows being placed on the windows and I thought that would be a great way to get them in art and drawing."
In addition to rainbows, the Facebook groups says on particular days, families can add smiley faces, flowers and shamrocks, as well as encouraging words.
The practice allows for some physical activity while still allowing for social distancing.
"It's like a scavenger hunt, because people are stuck at their homes, they want to walk around and they want to look around and see the rainbow," says Lilianna Gannon. "And that will make their day happy."
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