Queens man arrested in deaths of missing men

? A Queens man and his girlfriend appeared in court Friday on charges of murdering two men who were last seen at the C.W. Post campus in the middle of July.
Police say one of the accused, Darren Lynch, 28, admitted to killing 35-year-old Joseph Odierno and 22-year-old Jairo Santos, who was a student at C.W. Post. Detectives say Lynch was furious after the two victims brokered a deal for $20,000 worth of cocaine that turned out to be bogus. They say he shot them in the head at his Queens apartment.
According to investigators, Lynch confessed to shooting the men on July 17, dismembering them in a bathtub and burying their body parts. He told police he put them in a sump and in an area behind his mother?s house at 33 Summercress Lane in Coram.
Neighbors say they were tipped off by the sickening smell of decomposing corpses. Police say they have recovered the remains from the two locations.
Lynch?s girlfriend, Leah Reynolds, was also taken into custody for allegedly hiding the handguns that were used in the murders. She is now charged with hindering prosecution.
Police say in the course of the investigation, they also recovered a number of weapons, including an AK-47 assault rifle, a bulletproof vest and a large quantity of cocaine and heroine inside the apartment Lynch and Reynolds shared in Queens.
Lynch was arraigned in Central Islip Friday on two counts of second-degree murder. Reynolds was charged with hindering the proscecution. Lynch faces 25 years to life for his alleged crimes.