PUMP PATROL: Gas tax suspension begins across New York

Drivers should now be paying less at the pump.

News 12 Staff

Jun 1, 2022, 9:13 AM

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Drivers should now be paying less at the pump.
The state, as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties, suspended some of the sales tax for gasoline on Wednesday.
In both Nassau and Suffolk counties, the sales tax on gas amounts over $3 is suspended through the end of the year.
Long Islanders should expect to save more than 20 cents on each gallon.
The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded on Long Island is $4.96. Sixteen cents will be subtracted from the state gas tax and around 4.5 cents from the county tax.
For example, an Exxon on Old Country Road reduced its regular unleaded price from $5.09 a gallon on Tuesday to $4.83 on Wednesday.
"It's a good thing," says Muhammad Ahmad, manager of the Exxon-Bolla Market. "Gas is a necessity for everyone, for job orders, businessmen, any purposes."
Some Long Islanders say they have not yet seen a change in price, which is something that the Nassau County executive admits could take time.
"It's going to take a little while because basically it's just implemented today," says Bruce Blakeman. "It goes into effect pursuant to state and county law. It'll take a few days to get there."
The Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association says some gas stations have been calling, asking for clarifications.
"There's some vagueness in the laws and forms have to be filled out so that's why," says Chris Daniello, executive director of the Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association. "There's been some confusion and people don't want to do the wrong thing."
The Suffolk County Department of Labor has made outreach to the Long Island Gasoline Retailers Association and individual stations to alert them of the county's gas tax cap.
The Consumer Affairs division will begin gas price surveys on Thursday.
Anyone who does not notice a discount at gas stations can report it to the New York attorney general or the Nassau and Suffolk departments of consumer affairs. 
New York Attorney General Letitia James
Nassau County Department of Consumer Affairs
Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs

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