Protesters call for Freeport teacher's license to be revoked over controversial lesson

A protest was held Tuesday calling for a Freeport teacher's license to be revoked over a controversial lesson on slavery.
Students, parents, educators and clergy members are calling on the Freeport school district to immediately fire the social studies teacher from the J.W. Dodd Middle School. The teacher's name has not been released.
The district has confirmed that during a lesson on the Reconstruction Era, the teacher asked students to title pictures of slaves, but according to the district's investigation, she told students to "make it funny" so as not to "bore me."
"We're trying to build bridges and take away that divide, and you have a teacher in the classroom that's creating more of that atmosphere? It's unacceptable, we won't tolerate it," said Shanequa Levin, of the Women's Diversity Network.
The teacher was reassigned out of the classroom and issued an apology, but protesters say that's not enough.
"As a father, I'm disappointed. As an educator, I'm disgusted. And to me, there is no apology great enough for violating human dignity and for teaching students to violate human dignity as well," said William Moss, of Black Long Island.
In addition to firing the teacher, the group is demanding that districts hire more teachers of color and implement mandatory cultural sensitivity training.