Private investigator holds seminar on int'l travel safety

The mysterious deaths of at least 11 American tourists in the Dominican Republic in the past year have raised concerns among many about international travel.
Private investigator Don Longo says people should also be aware of violent crimes threatening the safety of travelers that often don't make the news. He says Americans are targeted for crimes such as robbery, sexual assault and theft.
Longo held a seminar Wednesday night in Copiague to teach Long Islanders how to travel abroad safely. He says before you get on a plane or board a cruise ship, do your homework about the country you're planning to visit.
Longo says it's important to find out about prevalent crimes, political unrest, health conditions, natural disasters and threat levels at your travel destination. He also advises travelers to program their cellphones with emergency phone numbers for police and the U.S. Embassy in the area they're visiting. And once you've arrived at the vacation spot, stay alert.
Those who attended the seminar say they feel more confident about traveling abroad.