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Possible Connetquot HS bomb plot leaves community on edge

Police say three Connetquot High School students were overheard discussing plans to build a bomb while on their school bus ride home.

News 12 Staff

May 3, 2019, 6:57 PM

Updated 1,854 days ago


A possible plot to detonate a bomb at Connetquot High School has students and parents on edge.
Police say three 16-year-olds -- two males and a female -- were overheard discussing plans to build a bomb while on their school bus ride home Wednesday. Video and audio from the bus apparently captured their "explicit," 10-minute conversation.
Police searched the school, the teens' lockers and their homes. Officers did not recover bomb-making materials but say they found a copy of "The Anarchist Cookbook," which contains instructions on how to make explosives. They also recovered other books on forensics and serial killers, as well as three BB guns and a homemade ax.
Authorities, students and parents praise the students who alerted officials to the bus conversation.
An attorney for one of the students told News 12 that "The Anarchist Cookbook" was used for a school project and had nothing to do with the alleged plot. He says his client is an honor student who's interested in pursuing a career in forensic science.
Counterterror expert Denis Monette says buying something like "The Anarchist Cookbook" is a major red flag.
News 12 asked the school district if the student was indeed using the book for a school project, but a spokesperson said they would not comment. The district would also not comment on whether the students were suspended or will be allowed back in school.
The three teens were arraigned Thursday and ordered to wear GPS tracking devices. They were released to their parents and have not been identified.
District officials say support services are being offered to students on an individual basis, as needed.

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