Port Provides mission enables adults with autism in Port Washington to help their neighbors in need

Adults with autism are volunteering their time to help their neighbors in need in Port Washington.
The mission called Port Provides acts as an emergency supply chain to give food and personal hygiene items to over 1,400 residents.
Elizabeth Leichter, 21, of Sands Point, and fellow volunteers order, sort, bag and deliver the donations.
"It shows that they're not alone, it shows they have people there to have their backs even when they're in a time of need and no one else will help them," Leichter says.
The donations are delivered to five local food banks, including at Our Lady of Fatima Outreach.
Many of the families the food banks serve have been hit hard by the pandemic.
The volunteers are all receiving job training from The Nicholas Center so Port Provides directors say it's a win-win for volunteers and recipients.
"People on the autism spectrum have an awful lot to contribute to their communities, to make them that much more inclusive and beautiful places to live and work," says The Nicholas Center co-founder Stella Spanakos.
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