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Port Jefferson looks to drain flooding issues

Last September, waist-deep water poured into restaurants, a theater and the fire department.

News 12 Staff

Feb 14, 2019, 4:43 PM

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Port Jefferson looks to drain flooding issues
After being surprised by severe street flooding, Port Jefferson is taking steps to avoid being left underwater again.
Last September, an intense rainstorm dropped several inches of water onto the community, sending waist-deep water into restaurants, the fire department and other buildings.
At the 160-year-old Theatre Three, water cascaded into the basement, destroying sets, costumes and the lighting system.
Minor flooding was tolerated in Port Jefferson because of the geography, but the September flood made village Mayor Margot Garant rethink that.
Garant says the village will now fund a $10,000 study of the stormwater system. The study will focus on the bowl-shaped downtown area, where water tends to flow, and the older stormwater system that pours into the harbor.
The mayor says that once the study is completed, it will be used to possibly apply for state and federal grants to fund improvements.
The study is expected to be completed in about 60 days. 

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