Poll: Majority of Americans embarrassed by country's COVID-19 response

With more than 5.5 million people sickened by COVID-19 in the United States, a new survey finds the majority of Americans are disappointed in the nation's response, and believe the White House is to blame.
A CNN poll shows nearly 70% of Americans are embarrassed by their country's response to the coronavirus pandemic. 62% think President Trump should do more.
The criticism comes shortly after a Trump rally that featured little social distancing and mask wearing.
"They talk about me being a divider, I bring people together. We were bringing people together like never before and then we got hit with the China virus," said Trump.
Data shows infections among young people pushing COVID-19 cases higher nationwide. Several prominent universities are also switching to virtual platforms. Public school systems are also under pressure.
The nationwide coronavirus death toll is now inching closer to 173,000.