Police: Violent crime down across the Island following stay-at-home order

Violent crime has been down in the last week following the stay-at-home order, according to Nassau and Suffolk police.
Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder says overall, major crimes did increase since the beginning of this year. He blames that on the bail reform law, but he says since people started staying home, major crimes have decreased 5%.
In Suffolk County, Commissioner Geraldine Hart says the department is also closely watching crime trends during this unprecedented time.
"For the month of March, we're down 9% in violent crime and also we're up slightly, .4% in property crime, strictly the month of March 2020, versus 2019," said Hart.
Both counties have seen an increase in domestic violence incidents since people have been told to stay home to stop the spread of coronavirus.
Hart says in addition to that, other concerns include keeping an eye on shuttered businesses to ensure there are no break-ins.
In Suffolk, violent crimes decreased 35% for the week of March 15 to March 21, when the new coronavirus restrictions went into place statewide.