Police: 'Terrorist' written on glass of Muslim-owned Floral Park business

A Floral Park business was targeted because the owners are Muslim, according to police.
The word "terrorist" was written on the glass at Exquisite Ventures on Jericho Turnpike.
Sadiq Rahman says the discovery was made last week right in front of the building where he has been running his businesses.
"When we saw the word 'terrorist' smeared on our glass we were a little taken aback," Rahman says. "It's something we didn't expect."
The CFO of the company says they never felt any hatred and have always felt very welcome.
Afaf Nasher, executive director at Counsel on American Islamic Relations, says incidents like these have been on the rise.
"By April 2020, CAIR had released a civil right report and it documented over 6,000 complaints nationwide and in 2019 it documented over 10,000 Muslim complaints," Nasher says.
Rahman says he was upset by the incident at his business but says he's grateful for all the support he is receiving.
Officials say anyone who falls victims to an incident is urged to call police.