Police search for second gunman in Bellport robbery

Suffolk police arrested a man and a woman linked to an armed robbery that targeted a Bellport man and his cousin.
According to the victim?s mother, her son was sitting inside a parked car on Walker Avenue with his cousin at around midnight Friday when two gunmen approached the vehicle and smashed one of the windows. The perpetrators demanded money and drugs before making off with a small amount of cash.
Responding officers broadcasted a description of the alleged robbers and of a female accomplice, who was driving a white Honda, which they allegedly used as a getaway car. Officers say they later spotted the vehicle on Montauk Highway in Mastic and apprehended Sharon Wilson and Gavin Hessing after recovering a shotgun and a wad of cash. Detectives say the second gunman is still at large.
Investigators ask anyone who may know the identity or location of the third suspect to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.