Police: Massapequa dentist found with arsenal of weapons in basement of his office

A Long Island dentist was arrested for allegedly having dozens of illegal weapons in the basement of his Massapequa office.
Paul Carrey, 62, was arrested at his home Wednesday where he operates his dental practice.
"Yesterday while he appeared to be agitated and intoxicated, he went upstairs and his secretary heard him racking a shot gun, she ran out of the house and called 911," says Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.
When police arrived, they found an arsenal of weapons, high-capacity magazines and ammunition. Eighteen of the guns were ghost guns with no serial numbers.
Authorities say Carrey ordered the gun parts through the mail and assembled them in his basement.
"That's the scary part, is that these are your next-door neighbors," says Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly. "He lives in Massapequa; he is a dentist and this is what he has in his basement."
Carrey has a list of prior arrests and at least two DWIs. Police say he was a licensed pistol holder, but his permit was taken away for firing rounds in his backyard.
He is charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the first, second and third degrees.