Police: Man shot in Central Islip

A man was shot at around 5:10 p.m. Wednesday afternoon on Elm Street in Central Islip, according to Suffolk police.
Police cordoned off the street with crime scene tape. Investigators were seen entering and exiting a semi-attached home on the block.
According to a source, the victim is 29 years old. He may have been driven to a different location in Central Islip by a relative.
Police say he was taken to a hospital with serious injuries that were not considered life-threatening.
Neighbor Elliot Cassas says he witnessed the violent encounter.
“I hear all this yelling and screaming, like 20 people telling and screaming. And then I hear ‘pow, pow.’ I hear two gunshots and I call police right away,” Cassas said.
Police have not said if any arrests have been made.