Police investigation blocks off part of Massapequa Preserve

Police responded to the Massapequa Preserve on Friday as part of what they would only call an ongoing investigation.
The path between Lake Court and Seaview Avenue was blocked off for hours Friday and likely would remain that way overnight.
Police said they would be calling off their search for the night as daylight waned.
Further details were not available, but police said their investigation will continue Saturday morning.
As News 12 reported in 2017, police recovered from the preserve the body of a person killed by the MS-13 gang. And this past November, police were searching in the area for another possible MS-13 victim.
Neighbors said Friday they were troubled by the possibility of another body discovery. But state Assemblyman Michael LiPetri, who represents Massapequa, said it's too early to make assumptions about the nature of the police search.