Police investigate 2 vandalism attacks at Huntington Jewish centers

Two separate acts of vandalism happened at Jewish centers in Suffolk less than a week apart.
Police say a man broke into Temple Beth El in Huntington Thanksgiving night.
They say the burglar got into the rabbi's office through an unlocked window. Once inside, alarms went off, but the suspect got away with $500 stored in a drawer. The temple says nothing else was taken.
In an email to members, Rabbi Jeff Clopper said, "It is unsettling to think someone would commit such an act in our synagogue home."
This crime comes on the heels of another one that happened less than a mile north at the Huntington Jewish Center.
On Nov. 22, police say two men shot at the building with a BB gun. Part of it was caught on security video.
"Two subjects actually passed the BB gun back and forth between themselves," said Detective Michael O'Callaghan. "Shot out the glass casing, covering a light and a window of the building also."
Police say neither case is being classified as a hate crime.
Suffolk police say the temples are re-evaluating security measures and officers are promising a more visible presence in the neighborhood.
Anyone with information is asked to call Suffolk Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.